Currently Untitled

Sneak peek of an upcoming project called Jonah, Biscuit, and the Book of Missing Pages

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Imposter Syndrome 1, 2019

An ongoing series of comics about a contemplative Ditto

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Imposter Syndrome1_panel 3.jpg

Imposter Syndrome 2, 2019

An ongoing series of comics about a contemplative Ditto

Tiff’s Day Off, 2018 - digital

My four-page comic for Thea Ferrara and Annie Stoll’s Planetside Anthology

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Stanton_Planetside_Page 2_small.jpg
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Gunter’s Daydream, 2017 - digital

My mini comic for Adventure Time Comics #7

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The Myth of Medusa, 2016 - digital

For 1001 Knights, I teamed up with Ryan North who wrote The Myth of Medusa - a five-page comic retelling of the ancient monster we all know and love.

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the myth of medusa_page 2.jpg
the myth of medusa_page 3.jpg
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Inspiration, 2015 - digital

My first comic, based on a challenge to express a character's mental state or altered reality.